Inkwell is a site dedicated to connecting art with cause. All prints profits will be donated.

What is Inkwell

In order to contribute to worthwhile causes, Inkwell curates a selection of donated artworks. Artists offer Inkwell the right to reproduce prints of their work, to be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to the chosen cause. Accessing a pool of renowned artists, Inkwell offers the chance to own artworks often unavailable for print, in a way that is more accessible to everyone.

The project is run on volunteer time, so that means no money from print purchases is lost to admin fee’s or employee pay checks. After printing and postage costs are accounted for, every penny is sent directly to our diversified fund selection. Making sure the money gets to all of the necessary places.

Inkwell is a project that aims to refresh their selection of art, and their chosen cause on a quarterly basis. Keep up to date with our revolving selection of artists via our Instagram.